I have spent too many years worrying about what may happen at the end of January that the fourth year of not worrying has given me pause for thought.

Yes, it is time again for the annual rebirth of breakfast radio as old lags and newbies get up at 4:30 am to suffer the permanent jet ag of another year in front of a cold microphone, last night’s dirty studio that no one has cleaned up, darkness and empty offices and security guards who will know your name after only a couple of months, empty car parking places and the general sense of aloneness that the earliest of early mornings bring…. Ah, that brings back memories.

So Classic FM is to have a new breakfast announcer who will begin to realize very quickly that the world turns ever so slowly in the morning and so does your brain, yet somehow the cheery air of the enchainee will have to oblige the sleepy listener and set them on their way.And, under the new regime, there will be no producer to shout at, demand constant attention and help when help is needed. Nope, there will be no one there and you cannot escape.You cannot come to work when you feel like it. You cannot fudge your workload onto others. You cannot even get others to do it for you, so you can pass it off as your own.

No, Breakfast radio is bleak and very very exposed. How long will you last? I suspect not very long. The good times are over and although you will be stroked by management, I fear the slow process of breaking you down has started and within a year of two you will resent that alarm clock and those cold cold mornings….

Still, enjoy it while you can because time is short in our new radio world and the front door ca be very very close….


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