So Jazztrack will disappear soon and be shunted back to the RN who will bury it in a spot so obscure we will be scratching our heads and asking why?I should be pleased.


Because Jazztrack made it to Classic FM through some of the dirtiest internal politics in the ABC’s history.A dirty deed was well done cheap.

In 1985 RN had several Breakfast shows, locally based, and appealing to the individual states they broadcast to.The Head of RN at the time (whose name I have forgotten, that is just how forgettable he was) decided that we should all bid for the new National RN Breakfast,so we were herded into the board room in William St and asked to pitch for it.Many affirmations were presented, and few were listened to.By the following week, we (in Sydney, who had the highest broadcast reach and ratings) were told that it would go to Adelaide and in return Jim Mcleod and his partner, Gillian Waite, would come to Sydney.Jim to present a new programme called Jazztrack on ABC FM and Gillian to present an Arts show on RN mornings, where I was to be the executive producer.

A couple of years later as I had moved on I discovered the whole truth behind the democracy of affirmation required by our poor Breakfast shows.It was, of course, a deal. The head of RN, who was a personal friend of both Jim McLeod and Gillian Waite had promised them a move to Sydney, but Adelaide RN and CFM wanted something in return.The decision had been made months before our little get together and I must admit it still rankles

So when I heard that Jazztrack is off to RN I am sorry, but what goes around, comes around. Dirty deeds have been done cheap.CFM is rid of Jazztrack and the conservatives have got what they have wanted for years.

What goes around…

You may think that this could only be a one off.But as the structure of public media is designed to create only fuzzy images of responsibility in order to diffuse responsibility it is important that alliance deals are made every day, every week to establish the image of a well defined unity.However, beneath all that seeming compatibility there is a cavern of hate and mistrust.It seems strange that the public broadcaster is decimated by financial obligation rather than restructured by behavioural change.Oh change will come but the changes will be to maintain the alliances at the top and destabilise the workers at the bottom…



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