The ABC is in crisis.But it has a solution.Give in.Yes, give in to the government and activate the toecutters around the building so they can get on with the work of making certain no senior manager will lose his or her job, There are 2 or 3 of them and they work in the following way….A head of department has a holiday..oh dear, we cannot find anyone to replace him or her but we do have a hard working senior manager to oversee the position for the nest few weeks or months….The replacement then goes ahead sniffing around for “wastage”, anybody in any position…..Quick, try the support staff, they are a soft touch and if they are not available for redundancy,try the programme staff or, even better, try the programme  …oh wait, there are technical staff who may be a bit wiobbly on the ground, try them and then when all else fails try looking at the supervisory staff…Do not, at all costs, look at the senior management positions because they are sacred and must not in any way be seen as possinbly redundant

Why? Because as they say, there is honour among thieves…..


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