The ego is I

In recent weeks there has been a noticeable attempt by the new presenters on ABC Breakfast to acquire the hard-hitting status of journalists with attitude.It seems funny to be that these Gen Y presenters really want to emulate the old fashioned journos of yesterday but I think they are only looking at the starry blur of the Walkley award at the end of the year.
This had lead to some really clunky, inexperienced intervewing technique by Karina Calvhalo in some of her op’ pieces, in particular her interview with Bryce Courtney, which started out as a bright puff piece but ended in a spiteful mode of questioning that attempted to belittle an 80 year old man and make him reveal truths he need not or had not wanted to reveal.Her mode of questioning was to suck in the author with a bright series of questions about his health and then quiz him, like a prosecuting attorney, about his childhood in South Africa, in particular his relationship with his sister.
Why did she do it? Well, you could see the shine in the eyes as the Walkley winning revelations were about to come forth.However, she did not realise that Bryce Courtenay is an 80 year old man who has been interviewed thousands of times by journalists of rougher and more robust quality than this Gen Y reporter. In fact, she should of been aware that the content of her inquistion was so fragmented that it would only remain viable if he actually agreed with her and,like a lot of Gen Ys, she was shocked that he didn’t agree with her, nor wanted to.
Life is supposed to be easy in this gamified universe where stroking the ego is a pre-requsitie for young journos on their path to fame and fortune.But, caveat emptor, the world is much larger than the ABC Studios in Southbank.Much, much larger.


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