Well at last a good news story. For the past 6 months we have been able to access digital radio in our city.We now have 18 stations, most of which are very forgettable and as equally forgettable as the 82 you can find in Melbourne or the 78 you can find in Sydney.However the most prepared for digital broadcasting has been the national broadcaster. In most cases the digital signal is just a “cleaned up” sound of the AM or FM station but one digital channel has gone to great lengths to look at its content and expand the range of its programmes and sound.

No, its not RN, or the weak willed ABCCFM, or even Local Radio, it is, in fact, the rather down at home. slightly hokey and blokey, Grandstand. For the past 6 months ABC Grandstand has been expanding its programme depth to incorporate programmes about the major and minor sports without having to say, “oh my god we are trying to fill airspace”. This is radio as I like it – creative, expansive and fully aware of its media content. Listen all you flippy Digital wannabees listen to what these guys are doing.


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