The cult of technology

“He is part of the equation” (Matrix Revolutions)

During my time in the media I saw and heard an evolution – not of ideas, but of things, machines,processing and the movement towards an idealisation and idolisation of technology as the base for all things media. It has been a long struggle because those who held the media in check as a human process were driven into a corner by those who idealised the media as a technical process. Funnily enough the movement did not begin in the area of technical services or in the area of management but in the area of the enthusiast , originally a geeky dreamer who could see a place for his/herself in the area of control by substituting the media as a human process to the media as a technical process.

I know this all sounds terribly conspiratorial but there is something in the emergence in the mid 1980’s of a technically savvy ‘electronic” culture that moved the whole media away from its mechanical base. The input of IT became as important as the input of programming and broadcasting and the “bright shiny headlights” way of management came into effect. It was only a matter of time till the placid followed because they were afraid to be technically incompetent amongst the enthusiasm of their techne driven co-workers.

It all then came down to ideology. There was a drive to constantly renew with “bright shiny”materials on a regular basis with increasing amounts of funding and increasing amounts of like-minded individuals. To me it has always reminded me of the rise of an inarticulate fascism – where control was wrested away from the individual into the psyche of the technical. If you didn’t agree with the techne’s inarticulate vision then you were not with us and therefore condemned to watch the “bright shiny lights” in a rear-view mirror.

I can understand that change is necessary but the change that was heralded by the rise of constant change as a mantra meant that the anarchy of the techne vision meant that no one could follow its meandering course except those who, in media management, would sacrifice, eventually, their knowledge of programming and production to the screen based values of the technology followers, who, in their turn, would constantly ask for renewal and reinvigoration by increase funding exponentially with no regard for what is around them

This dystopian universe is part and parcel of a media bound by its own restrictions. Things before people.Craft before Art.And above all, the autistic vision of an enthusiast who talks only to other enthusiasts and not to the audience. Leave it or take it


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