The cult of the surface

Most ideologies grow out of social movements be they in the stage of both evolution or revolution.Recently there has been a major shift in the nature of ideologies which is actually internal – a shift from substance to style.

Where did this begin? I suspect it grew out of the publicity machine of the post war generation that relied on the evolution of technology to justify its growth, but it did not explode until the emergence of the web site and its concomitant social media forms in the past ten or so years.

In order to reflect the disguised optimism of the shift from substance into style there is now a cult of the surface. The surface of trivia, of marginal knowledge, of short definition and of a so called post structural or deconstructive response to the conflict inherent in explaining knowledge. Everywhere there is spin, photo based knowledge, reflective surfaces across the media empire.It is also an extremely conservative response because it denies the fact that anything can be questioned even if fact is precedent and there emerges a new kind of being, one who 9as mentioned before) knows little about everything, who pretends to know, who spends a lot of time obfuscating issues because it does not conform with the shiny surface that reflects the general shape of the media

I have likened this to deer being caught in the headlights (excuse the mixed metaphor) and like all false ideologies it will last until someone stands up and sees the emperors new clothes only covers a large degree of nakedness


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