Now it is time to get personal, and where to start? Well, let’s start at an unusual place – the place where ABC radio never ventures, the world of kids.Since the death of the rather stuffy Education section of the broadcaster in the early 1980’s almost nothing is done for kids except an attention to music in the j networks.

It is even more so the case with the classical broadcaster where the token yearly attention to kids is based purely on competition or the exploitation of our deference to the rather sad acknowledgement that the ABC only thinks of kids when there is an attention seeking article of faith to be reinforced.Such is the relative(well, not relative)hypocrisy of the way the broadcaster looks at kids when they know they need only retain their usual 2% of audience without really trying to understand or venture into the world of kids.

It seems almost incredible that all they need to do is to ask what kids want and try something out, instead their research is in the vague and old-fashioned world of the over 60’s, or perhaps the over 70’s?

It can be done and all so easily.Kids are intelligent and perceptive humans that know more (much more) about the interface of technology with the media than the media peers….oh well, it takes a small shove…


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