The cult of you and me against the world or the cult of knowing everything while knowing nothing

Media managers exist for two reasons – firstly to protect their staff against other media managers and, secondly to obfuscate the line of information from their superiors. This they do by taking on the camouflage of their peers – know nothing but pretend to know everything.

It seems almost a shame to say it is as simple as this, because it is. The obfuscation process is to muddle the waters constantly by making information seem as too obscure for processing by one’s underlings so that its simple message is clouded. In the olde feudal days this was purely a haut-en-bas principle but today there are so many laws against explicit feudalism that one has to laugh at the crazy ways management will make a simple piece of information look like a giant piece of obfuscation.It all began with the Kafkaesque deliberations of the bureaucracy of the Prussian government, or the unwieldly hierarchies of the Nazi or Russian oligarchs and on to the modern day government of hierachy

And so it is with music and art, because these processes have seeped into the world of music, literature and art through the media of radio, television and the more obscure area called, “arts funding”

It cannot be totally obscure to believe that the arts and government have integrated processes to simplify the communication of those who control and command funding. Art becomes a piece of bookkeeping and, yet again, the world of the everyday is removed from the reach of those who make decisions, process decisions and ultimately reflect the decision process. There are organisations with brave names whose explicit function is to make us believe that we should always stand apart from the commercial reality.

Recently with the rise of social media artists have discovered the integration of their own artistic point of view with a commercial angle,so much so that they will actually promote themselves and their concerts/exhibitions/books by creating their own fan sites where they place selected positive reviews, teasers and self congratulatory notes to generate income as well as generating a self image of such perfection that it stands apart (at the same time) as their commercial persona. So, I am a commodity but also I am a work of art.And where have we seen this before? In the High Renaissance, where self promotion was at the base of commercial activity in a grand scale…These are our old friends…

Old friends without the claim to being real friends


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