The cult of narcissism

It is said that when Narcissus was trapped by his own reflection he did not die from having to look at himself forever but was killed by the fact that no one else could say he was beautiful.Thus it is with media stars, like children stuck at the mirror stage they are constantly seeking out recognition of themselves on a daily basis. They may be intelligent adults and full of the joie de vivre of their own efficacy in the social world they are, however, like 2 and 1/2 year olds – stuck in the constant whining of recognition.Is this their fault? Well, the whining of the narcissist is that of the world he/she lives in/it is a world constructed to stroke their fragile egos constantly and where they can exploit the stroking to a limitless end(If there is such a thing)

How does this come about? Imagine an environment that is geared to ego (not the I or the id) , that is supported by implicit assumptions that there are no critical values, that argument is nowhere to be seen and that all is always very good in all things.This is a dream world that makes people float in an osmotic bubble of childishness, a world of no way out because there is only one way in.It, however, is not paradoxical but superficial, where the media star (in their own firmament) can exploit their universe by childish cunning.And they do.A lot

They play their masters against each other by using the childish way.By lying, by cunning and by wheedling.It sounds all so horrible but it happens, time and time again because they are stroked by both money and flattery and they believe it, because in all micro systems the narrowest ideology wins every time.And as they are children, so are their mentors and masters

Am I exaggerating?No.Ask my peers who have suffered this brattish tyranny, they will nod their heads wisely and ask:How will we ver change it? Narcissus knows.It will never change until people turn their heads away.


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